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[Technology Sharing] Where does the excess power go when the diesel generator set is running?

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Diesel generator set users have different loads when using the generator set. Sometimes it is large and sometimes small. When the load is small, where does the electricity generated by the diesel generator set go? Especially when the generator set is used on the construction site,will that part of the electricity be wasted?


The generator is driven by a diesel engine. When a useful electrical appliance is connected, the internal coil of the generator and the external electrical appliance form a loop, which will generate current, and when there is current, electromagnetic force resistance torque will be generated. Energy is conserved. How much electrical energy is used for resistance torque For a generator with a stable speed, more work done by electromagnetic resistance means a greater resistance torque. In layman’s terms, the greater the power of the electrical appliance, the heavier it will turn, and the more difficult it will be to turn. When there is no electrical appliance, there is no current in the generator coil, and the coil produces electromagnetic resistance torque. However, the bearings and belts of the generator will have resistance torque, which also consumes the power of the diesel engine. In addition, the diesel engine itself is four-stroke, and there is only one of them. To perform the power stroke, maintaining its idling speed also requires fuel consumption, and the efficiency of a diesel engine as a heat engine of an internal combustion engine is also limited.


When the power of the generator is large and the power of the electrical appliance is small, the power loss may be greater than the power of the electrical appliance. The power of a diesel engine is difficult to be small, so the minimum power of a diesel generator must be several kilowatts. For electric tools of several hundred watts, this load can be ignored.


The above confirms that you said that the fuel consumption is similar with or without electrical appliances.

Post time: Mar-31-2021