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    Mitsubishi Generator Parts

    S6R2-PTA-C 500H-16000H Spare Parts List     S6R2-PTA-C S6R2-PTAA-C S12R-PTA-C S12R-PTA2-C S12R-PTAA2-C S16R-PTA-C S16R-PTA2-C S16R-PTAA2-C S12H-PTA S16R2-PTAW               A=250H B=500H C=1000H D=2000H E=4000H F=8000H G=16000H                        Item PARTS NAME PART NO.   QTY.         A B C D E F G 1 NOZZLE TIP ASSY. 37561-17500 Mitsubishi engine spare part NOZZLE TIP ASSY. 37561-17500 S6R2-PTA-C S6R2-PTAA-C S12R-PTA-C S16R-PTAA2-C        3 3 3 3 2 FUEL INJECTOR ...
  • Perkins Generator Parts

    Perkins Generator Parts

    Perkins Diesel Generator Spare Parts, Genset Parts, Perkins Engin Parts, Power Station accessory
  • Yangdong Generator Parts

    Yangdong Generator Parts

    Engine Model: YANGDONG Y380 Y385 Y480 Y485 Y490 Y4100 Y4102 Y4105 YTO         YTR4105          YTR4108 Main parts Starter/ Alternator Rebuilt kit: Cylinder liner/ Piston/ Piston pin/ Piston ring/ circlip/ water seal O-ring Crankshaft/ thrust piece of crankshaft/ rock arm assembly Connecting rod/ Main Bearing shell/ Connecting rod Bearing Fuel injection pump/ Fuel injector/ Injector nozzle/ Plunger Cylinder head/ Head gasket/ cylinder block Intake valve/ exhaust valve Oil pump/Water pump assy/...
  • Alternator Parts
  • Generator Components

    Generator Components

    1 cylinder block bushing cylider liner kit expansion plug piston cooling nozzle 2 cylinder head intake valve exhaust vavle valve insert valve spring 3 valve spring valve collet valve rotator valve stem guide cylinder head gasket 4 Crankshaft main bearing thrust bearing oil seal vibration damper 5 connectng rod piston piston pin piston ring con rod bearing 6 camshaft camshaft gear camshaft bushing woodruff key thrust bearing 7 rocker lever rocker lever shaft rocker lever...
  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

    DSE 3110 Comap MRS11 Comap MRS16 Comap connector interface dse 5220 HMC9000A DSE 8610 DSE 5510 DSE702 DSE7120 HGM6320D IC-NT Original Harson SMARTGEN HGM6120 Comap AMF20 -2 GU620A-2 Standard configuration  ● Configuring single or with ATS function controller● Use UL Certification Cable ● Configuring float, 50 / 60Hz universal, DC12 / 24V optional ● Emergency stop: manual / automatic start switch ● Surge protection relay loop configuration  ● Water temperature protection and monitoring● ...
  • ATS


    AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH -ATS For home and other circumstances, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is essential. ATS can automatically transfer load between the main power and the emergency (generator set) without operator. When the main power fails or voltage drops below 80% of normal voltage, the ATS will start the emergency generator set after a preset time of 0-10 seconds (adjustable) and transfer the load to the emergency power (generator set). On the contrary, when the main power recovers...
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