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DSE 3110
DSE 3110

Comap MRS11Comap MRS11

Comap MRS16Comap MRS16

Comap connector interfaceComap connector interface

dse 5220dse 5220


DSE 8610DSE 8610

DSE 5510DSE 5510





Original HarsonOriginal Harson


Comap AMF20 -2Comap AMF20 -2


Standard configuration

 ● Configuring single or with ATS function controller

● Use UL Certification Cable

● Configuring float, 50 / 60Hz universal, DC12 / 24V optional

● Emergency stop: manual / automatic start switch

● Surge protection relay loop configuration

 ● Water temperature protection and monitoring

● Oil pressure protection and monitoring

● Over-speed protection

● Low / High battery voltage protection

● Abnormal voltage and frequency

Optional configuration 

Special environmental requirements:

● With fan cooling fan is suitable for hot and humid environment;

● Configured to control the heater for extreme low temperatures;

● Water jacket / oil heater control;

● detection and control of temperature and humidity;

● Fan control remotely located tanks;

● Dual fuel switching control;

Protection or measuring:

● Oil level protection

● Throttle lockout protection

● Fuel monitoring

● The oil leakage protection


● With electric operating device for the circuit breaker

● More switch alarm interface in the control room

● Late needs aside for customers to configure a parallel port

● Customize different communications port;Diesel automatic replenishment control

● Controllers and redundant hot standby generator excitation systems

● Dual voltage switch

● Rental unit control system

● Providing solutions for nonlinear load


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