Industry Solutions

  • Railway Station

    Railway Station

    Power disruptions in rail networks are not just inconvenient; they are also serious threats to health and safety. If power is gone in a railway station, the fire system, safety system, telecom system, signals system, and data system will collapse. The whole station will get in a mess and horror...
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  • Power Plants

    Power Plants

    Power Plants Generator Set Kent Power offers a comprehensive power solution for power plants, ensuring continuous power supply in case the power plant stops delivering power. Our equipment is  installed quickly, integrated easily, operated reliably and delivers more power. Efficient power gener...
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  • Military


    Kent Power offers diesel power generators for military use to meet the technical requirements of international bodies. Effective and reliable power is essential to ensure that the defense mission is completed as successfully as possible Our generators are mainly used as prime power for outdoors,...
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  • Outdoor Projects

    Outdoor Projects

    Outdoor Projects Generator Set Kent Power solution for outdoor projects ensures high efficiency of mining exploration and process. In terms of the performance, operation and maintenance of the generator set, outdoor buildings have quite strict requirements on the generator sets. Kent Power have ...
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  • Oil Fields

    Oil Fields

    Oil Fields Power Solution Kent Power provides a comprehensive portfolio of power protection solutions for oil fields. Oil and gas extraction is often located in remote areas with sparsely populated areas, and these environments and the power grids that may be particularly vulnerable in such loca...
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  • Hospitals


    Hospitals Generator Set Solution In the hospital, if a utility failure occurs, emergency power must be provided for life safety and critical branch loads within a few seconds.So hospitals have a more demanding power supply. The power for hospitals allows absolutely no interruption and must be p...
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  • Telecom & Data Center

    Telecom & Data Center

    Telecom Power generators are mainly applied for telecoms stations in telecoms industry. Usually, generator sets 800KW are needed for provincial station, and generator sets 300KW to 400KW are needed for municipal station, as standby power increasing Telecom Power Solution The use of generators ha...
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  • Buildings


    Building covers a wild range, including office buildings, skyscrapers, residences, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, etc. Non-stop power supply is needed to operate the computers, lightings, electric appliance, elevators in these places. Buildings Generator Set Solution Building cove...
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  • Banks


    Banks Generator Set The diesel generator sets represent a considerable financial investment and their reliability, particularly in the presence of standby generator sets, it is extremely important. Banks own large numbers of advanced computers and other equipments, which can only be operated in...
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  • Mining


    Mining Power Solution Usually power generators are used as prime power source for daily life, engineering in mining site. Kent  power solution for mining ensures high efficiency of mining exploration and process. We provide reliable power systems and fast delivery, which can maximize uptime eve...
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