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Oil Fields


Oil Fields Power Solution

Kent Power provides a comprehensive portfolio of power protection solutions for oil fields. Oil and gas extraction is often located in remote areas with sparsely populated areas, and these environments and the power grids that may be particularly vulnerable in such locations pose huge challenges.

Usually power generators are used as prime power source for daily life, engineering in oil fields. Diesel generators have the ability to start up and handle a load in less than 10 seconds, making them an ideal choice for oil fields emergency back-up power systems.


Requirements and Challenges

1.Paralleling operation

More same model generators can be paralleled to ensure bigger capability. The stable state speed regulation ratio is between 2% and 5%. The stable state voltage regulation is within 5%.


conditions Altitude height 3000 meters and below.
Temperature lower limit -15°C,upper limit 40°C

3.Stable performance & high reliability

Average failure interval not less than 2000 hours

4.Convenient refueling and protection

Lockable exterior refueling system Large fuel tank, supporting 12 hours to 24 hours operation

Power Solution

Superb power generators, with PLC-5220 control module and ATS, assures immediate power supply the same time the main is gone.


Whole set product and turn-key solution help customer use the machine easily without much technical knowledge. The machine is easy to use and maintain.
The control system has AMF function, which can auto start or stop the machine. In emergency the machine will give an alarm and stop. ATS for option. For small KVA machine, the ATS is integral.
Low noise, clean power.
Stable performance. Average failure interval is not less than 2000 hours. Compact size. Optional devices are provided for special requirements for stable operation in some freezing cold areas and burning hot areas.
For bulk order, custom design and development is provided.

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