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Small Generator

  • Gasoline Generator

    Gasoline Generator

    Description: Gasoline Generator,home generator,Gasoline Generator set,Gasoline Genset,Gasoline Portable Generator,Small Generator KT Gasoline generator sets are usually used for emergency communications, emergency repairs, or backup power supplies for small access network computer rooms and computer rooms. They are equipped with electric starting devices. Compared with ordinary hand-starting generators, starting is easier and easier! Huge diesel units cannot be transported, and light gasoline...
  • Diesel Generator

    Diesel Generator

    Description: Small Diesel Generator,Home Diesel Generator,Portable Generator,5kw Diesel Generator,10kw Diesel Generator. KT Small diesel generator sets are small in size, strong horsepower, safe and reliable in use, and stable in quality. They are widely used in mines, railways, field construction sites, road traffic maintenance, and factories, enterprises, hospitals and other departments as backup or temporary power sources. Features: *Economy Hand pull start system *Start quickly, reach ful...
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