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KT Ricardo Series Diesel Generator

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Ricardo Series Engine Diesel Generator with a good price advantage

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Ricardo Genset,Kofo Genset,Ricardo Diesel Generator,Kofo Diesel Generator,Ricardo Kofo Power Station

Power Generator,Genset,Generator set,Power Station,Generating set,Kentpower,Cummins Diesel Generator,Generator Parts,Geneset Parts,Perkins Generator,Silent Diesel Genera


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    genset type rated output engine alternator
    KW/KVA model rated power model
    KT2-W17 12/15 Y480BD 14 KT164D
    KT2-W22 16/20 N4100DS-30 30 KT184E
    KT2-W27 20/25 N4100DS-30 30 KT184F
    KT2-W32 24/30 N4100DS-30 30 KT184G
    KT2-W41 30/38 N4105DS-38 38 KT184H
    KT2-W50 36/45 N4105DS-46 46 KT224C
    KT2-W55 40/50 N4105ZDS 56 KT224D
    KT2-W65 48/60 N4105ZDS 56 KT224E
    KT2-W76 54/68 N4105ZLDS 66 KT224F
    KT2-W83 60/75 R4105BZLDS 74 KT224F
    KT2-W98 70/88 R6105ZDS 84 KT224G
    KT2-W111 80/100 R6105ZLDS 100 KT274C
    KT2-W137 100/125 R6105AZLDS 121 KT274D
    KT2-W165 120/150 R6105BZLDS 132 KT274F
    KT2-W200 150/187 R6110ZLDS 170 KT274G
    KT2-W220 160/200 6126-68D 187 KT274H
    KT2-W225 180/225 6126-42D 231 KT274J
    KT2-W250 200/250 6126-42D 231 KT274K
    KT-W300 220/275 6126A-260DE 250 KT444D
    KT-W350 250/313 WT12D-308E 308 KT444ES
      300/375 WT13-330DE 330 KT444F
      320/400 WT13-360DE 360 KT544C
      360/450 WT13A-390DE 390 KT544C


    genset type rated output engine alternator
    KW/KVA model rated power model
    KT2-W17 12/15 Y480BD 14 STC-12
    KT2-W22 16/20 N4100DS-30 26 STC-16
    KT2-W25 20/25 N4100DS-30 30 STC20
    KT2-W30 24/30 N4100DS-30 30 STC24
    KT2-W38 30/38 N4105DS-38 36 STC30
    KT2-W45 36/45 N4105DS-46 40 STC36
    KT2-W50 40/50 N4105ZDS 56 STC40
    KT2-W62 50/62 N4105ZDS 56 STC50
    genset type rated output engine alternator
    KW/KVA model rated power model
    KT2-W18 13/16 Y480BD 15  KT164C
    KT2-W26 18/23 N4100DS-30 33  KT184ES
    KT2-W31 22/28 N4100DS-30 33  KT184E
    KT2-W37 27/33 N4100DS-30 33  KT184F
    KT2-W47 34/43 N4105DS-38  42  KT184H
    KT2-W55 40/50 N4105DS-46 51  KT224C
    KT2-W70 50/63 N4105ZDS 62  KT224D
    KT2-W83 60/75 N4105ZLDS 73  KT224E
    KT2-W92 66/83 R4105BZLDS 81  KT224F
    KT2-W107 77/96 R6105ZDS 92  KT224G
    KT2-W125 90/113 R6105ZLDS 110  KT274C
    KT2-W153 110/138 R6105AZLDS 133  KT274D
    KT2-W180 130/163 R6105BZLDS 145  KT274E
    KT2-W222 160/200 R6110ZLDS 187  KT274G
    KT2-W244 176/220 6126-68D 206  KT274G
    KT2-W278 200/250 6126-42D 254  KT274H
    KT2-W305 220/275 6126-42D 254  KT274J
    KT-W333 240/300 6126A-260DE 275  KT274K
    KT-W389 280/350 WT12D-308E 339  KT444C
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