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KT-Yanmar Series Diesel Generator

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Yanmar is a Japanese diesel engine manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. The company manufactures engines for a wide range of applications: sea wheels, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and generator sets. The company is headquartered in Chaya, North District, Osaka, Japan.

Japan's YANMAR Co., Ltd. has led the world in environmentally friendly products with low pollution emissions, low noise and low vibration. Yanmar's goal is to make the engine exhaust cleaner than it sucks in. This goal will make Yanmar marine engine a real pearl in the engine field. As a well-known diesel power system brand, Yanmar diesel engines are serving the United States and around the world. "Satisfying customers" has been Yanmar's consistent tenet for nearly 100 years.

Yanmar's FIE chemical production plants in Nagahara and Omori can manufacture injection parts with an accuracy of one ten thousandth of a millimeter. Yanmar's Biwa (Biwa Lake) factory in Japan is the focus of technological development. The factory has always regarded the production of environmentally friendly products as a concept from the beginning of its design. Yanmar has achieved an important long-term goal: to build Biwa into a A series of factories with environmentally friendly engines for global use, from which we can see the philosophy that Yanmar has been following. Every year, Yanmar will allocate a part of its annual income for product research and development to actively participate in activities to protect the global environment.


Low noise and environmental protection

The noise of the new YEG series products is very small. The CAE technology unique to Yanmar provides the products with materials that meet the standards and are suitable for toughness, thus reducing the radiation noise. These technologies also provide a perfect amount of noise reduction and optimize the use of sound insulation, making them ideal for urban and residential applications.

Second, the new YEG series of products allow airflow to be fully mixed in the main combustion chamber and the special intake pipe around the nozzle, providing more fluidity for air and fuel, and continuously generating swirling flow during combustion, making combustion cleaner and with lower emissions.

In addition, the new YEG series products are free of asbestos, polybrominated polybrominated polybrominated polybrominated polybrominated and cadmium and will not cause damage to the environment. The use of safe materials has always been our core theme

Compact, powerful and durable

Yanmar has a long history of producing world-class, small, high speed and efficient engines. Combined with the best quality single phase 2/3/4 line generators from Asia to the Middle East, the product has withstood many harsh working conditions and provides substantially greater power generation capacity than other products of the same size.

Fuel - saving, economical and durable

Enhanced module cooling, stronger cranks and pistons, more refined journal and other tolerances make the product more durable than before, and the generator is equipped with protective devices to prevent low lubricating oil pressure, excessive water temperature, and battery charging failures. These measures ensure the continuous operation of the generator set.

Through rigorous experiments and analysis of combustor airflow, Yanmar has developed an extraordinary new product that fully blends fuel and air, maximizes the use of air and minimizes fuel consumption.

Easy to operate and maintain

The combination of fuel-efficient engines and efficient power generation makes these high-quality generators quite cheap to run.

The product is easy to use and maintain. The small, compact new YEG product can be placed almost anywhere, requiring no special civil work. All the components are mounted on a single bottom plate with specially designed shock-proof blocks for smoother operation.

Various filters and batteries are installed on the same side of the instrument panel, which is especially convenient for daily inspection and operation.

In fact, all the engines and generators can be operated from the same location. Control the power supply. The control panel is high enough and big enough for easy viewing!

All safety features are available

Yanmar has fully considered every detail related to the safety and reliability of the product. The output terminal is equipped with the terminal cover and installed at a suitable position from the instrument panel to prevent electric shock. Equipped with terminals, all rotating parts are equipped with appropriate protective cover to ensure safe and accident-free operation. The brushless AVR generator USES damping coil, which compensates for wave pattern distortion and further enhances reliability.

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    KW/KVA KW/KVA MODEL Stanford Leroy Somer Kentpower Silent Type Open Type
    KT2-YM6  4/5  5/6 3TNM68-GGE PI 044D TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-YM11 6/8.0 7/9.0 3TNV76-GGE PI 044D TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-YM12 9/11.0 10/12.0 3TNV82A-GGE PI 044F TAL-A40-C KT164B 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-YM14  10/13.0 13/14.0 3TNV88-GGE PI 044F TAL-A40-C KT164C 1700x850x1050 1300x750x1000
    KT2-YM19 14/17 15/19 4TNV88-GGE PI 044H TAL-A40-E KT184E 1850x850x1050 1400x800x1000
    KT2-YM22 16/20 18/22 4TNV84T-GGE PI 144D TAL-A40-F KT184E 2000x890x1050 1500x800x1000
    KT2-YM32 24/30 26/32 4TNV98-GGE PI 144G TAL-A42-C KT184G 2000x890x1050 1500x800x1000
    KT2-YM44 32/40 35/44 4TNV98T-GGE PI 144J TAL-A42-F KT184J 2150x930x1150 1650x800x1080
    KT2-YM55 40/50 44/55 4TNV106-GGE UCI 224D TAL-A42-G KT224D 2300x930x1230 1850x850x1130
    KT2-YM62 45/56 50/62 4TNV106T-GGE UCI 224E TAL-A42-H KT224E 2400x930x1230 1950x850x1130
    KW/KVA KW/KVA MODEL Stanford Leroy Somer Kentpower Silent Type Open Type
      KT2-YM9 6/8.0 7/9.0 3TNM68-GGE PI 044D TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-YM11 8/10.0 9/11.0 3TNV76-GGE PI 044E TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1300x750x1000
    KT2-YM14  10/13.0 11/14.0 3TNV82A-GGE PI 044F TAL-A40-C KT164B 1700x850x1050 1300x750x1000
    KT2-YM17 12/15.0 13/17 3TNV88-GGE PI 044F TAL-A40-D KT164C 1700x850x1050 1350x750x1000
    KT2-YM23 17/21 19/23 4TNV88-GGE PI 144D TAL-A40-F KT164D 1850x850x1050 1400x800x1000
    KT2-YM29 21/26 23/29 4TNV84T-GGE PI 144E TAL-A40-G KT184E 2000x890x1050 1500x800x1000
    KT2-YM50 30/38 33/41 4TNV98-GGE PI 144H TAL-A42-E KT184G 2150x930x1150 1650x800x1080
    KT2-YM55 40/50 44/55 4TNV98T-GGE PI144K TAL-A42-G KT224C 2150x930x1150 1650x800x1080
    KT2-YM62 45/56 50/62 4TNV106-GGE UCI224D TAL-A42-H KT224D 2300x930x1230 1850x850x1130
    KT2-YM69 50/63 55/69 4TNV106T-GGE UCI 224D TAL-A42-H KT224E 2400x930x1230 1950x850x1130
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