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Yangdong Generator Parts

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YANGDONG Y380 Y385 Y480 Y485 Y490 Y4100 Y4102 Y4105

YTO         YTR4105          YTR4108

Main parts

Starter/ Alternator

Rebuilt kit: Cylinder liner/ Piston/ Piston pin/ Piston ring/ circlip/ water seal O-ring

Crankshaft/ thrust piece of crankshaft/ rock arm assembly

Connecting rod/ Main Bearing shell/ Connecting rod Bearing

Fuel injection pump/ Fuel injector/ Injector nozzle/ Plunger

Cylinder head/ Head gasket/ cylinder block

Intake valve/ exhaust valve

Oil pump/Water pump assy/ injection pump

Muffler& Filter/ Air filter/ Fuel filter/ Oil filter

Flywheel/ flywheel box/ oil sump/ oil sump gasket/ fan


Model Yangdong engine part
MOQ 1 pcs
Port Fuzhou,xiamen or other port
Packing PP bag+Box+Carton
Payment Terms T/T,L/C at sight,Western Union

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