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Customized ATS Control Cabinet for Client’s Diesel Generator

The controlled operation of a Diesel Emergency Generator (DEG) is the main way so that the supporting equipment at a power plant does not stop operating in the event of an emergency. When taking over the supply of electricity to the load or vice versa, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) - Automatic Main Failure (AMF) is required which has the main role to instruct the DEG to operate. In order for DEG to work properly, a reliable ATS-AMF system is needed, and can work in emergency or standby conditions.

24. Kentpower ATS

The basic functions of ATS are:

When the mains power fails, the ATS automatically switches the load to the generator end after a 0-10 second delay; when the mains power is restored, the ATS automatically switches the load to the mains end after a 0-10 second delay, and the generator set is cooled It will stop automatically after delay. The switching delay of the ATS cabinet ensures the stability of various electrical parameters of the unit power supply or the mains power supply before switching. The ATS can detect the mains failure signal, and when the mains fails, it can give a control signal to the auto-start end of the generator set in time to allow the unit to start automatically and prepare for power supply.


The ATS control cabinet has the function of manually and automatically switching the power supply. ATS has the function of city power priority, which means that even in the power supply state of the generator set, at any time during this period, as long as the city power returns to normal, it will immediately switch to the city power supply.


ATS has mechanical interlocking and electrical interlocking to ensure the accuracy and safety of switching; at the same time, ATS has the function of phase loss protection. ATS + MCCB can add short circuit and overload protection functions to the ATS cabinet.


Kentpower diesel generator manufacture can supply every kind of ATS cabinet type according to the customers' requirement.

Post time: Dec-17-2021