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Mine generator sets have higher power requirements than conventional sites. Due to their remoteness, long power supply and transmission lines, underground operator positioning, gas monitoring, air supply, etc., standby generator sets must be installed. In some special areas, due to main The reason why the line cannot be reached also requires the use of generator sets for long-term main power generation. So what are the performance characteristics of generator sets used in mines? The generator set for the mine is a new generation of high-performance mobile power vehicle designed by Ukali for users. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles and is convenient and flexible to drag. The overall introduction of European and American advanced military technology.

 The chassis adopts a mechanical frame design, and the box body adopts a car's sleek and streamlined design, which is beautiful and beautiful. The working environment of mines is more complicated and there are many working links. Mobile generators have undoubtedly become an indispensable power supply guarantee for mines.

The mine generator set structure is divided into two wheels and four wheels. The high-speed mobile trailers below 300KW are produced according to high military standards. Above 400KW is a four-wheel full-hung structure, the main structure adopts a plate-type shock absorption device, the steering adopts a turntable steering, and a safety brake device is more suitable for medium and large mobile units. Customers who have requirements for silence can install a silent box to make the environment more environmentally friendly.

Mine generator sets have a number of special functions and advantages:

1. Speed: The speed of ordinary mobile power station is 15-25 kilometers per hour, and the speed of Youkai power mobile power station is 80-100 kilometers per hour.

2. Ultra-low chassis: The overall design of the mobile power station chassis is designed to be ultra-low from the ground to ensure the stability of the mobile power station.

3. Stability: The use of advanced high-performance torque, shock absorption, the power car will not tremble and shake when the trailer is moving at high speed or in the field.

4. Safety: The power station adopts disc brakes, which can brake immediately when moving at high speed or in an emergency. It can be dragged by any vehicle. When the front car brakes, the rear car crashes into the brake and is automatically safe and reliable. The power car can use the parking brake when parking. , The parking brake will hold the brake disc firmly to prevent the car from rolling.

KENTPOWER recommends that for the mine generator set used by the main force, one more set of generator sets must be reserved for long-term backup. This seems to be a large investment in the short term, but as long as it is equipment, it will eventually fail. It must be very necessary in the long run to have one more spare unit!

Post time: Sep-09-2020
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