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The High-Voltage Generator Set

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The high-voltage generator set is mainly to meet the power demand of high-voltage equipment, the need of long-distance power transmission, and the parallel operation of high-power loads.

Application Scenarios of High-Voltage Generator Sets:

In general communication hubs, low-voltage generator sets can solve the problem of backup power. In large-scale communication hubs, especially large-scale IDCs, high-voltage generator sets are more suitable. That is to say, the high-voltage generator set is suitable for use in scenarios where the load guaranteed by the diesel engine is relatively large, and the diesel engine room is far from the load, so a large-capacity generator set is required. The single-unit capacity of high-voltage generator sets is relatively large, mainly concentrated above 1000kW. Take Caterpillar 10kV generator set as an example, its single unit capacity is 1000kVA~3100kVA in the 1500r/min series, and 2688kVA~7150kVA in the 1000r/min series.
Product Advantages:

With the advantages of long output distance and low loss, high-voltage generator sets play a pivotal role in large-scale data centers in the fields of finance, insurance, communications, and education. Through the high-voltage generator set, it can provide backup power for the data center to avoid the complete power failure of the center and protect the data transmission from interruption.

Voltage Level:

The main voltage levels of 50HZ high-voltage diesel generator sets are: 6KV/6.3KV/6.6KV, 10KV, 11KV, etc. The power of a single unit is generally above 1000KW, and multiple units are used in parallel.

Parallel Operation Conditions of High-Voltage Diesel Generator Sets:

The whole process of putting the generator sets into parallel operation is called parallel operation. One generator set is operated first, and the voltage is sent to the bus bar. After the other generator set starts, it will be parallel with the previous generator set. At the moment of closing, it will generate electricity. The unit should not have harmful inrush current, and the rotating shaft should not be subjected to sudden shocks. After closing, the generator should be able to be pulled into synchronization quickly, so the parallel generator set must meet the following conditions:

1. The effective value and waveform of the generator set voltage must be the same.
2. The phase of the voltage of the two generators is the same.
3. The frequency of the two generator sets must be the same.
4. The phase sequence of the two generator sets is the same.
5. Typical scheme of high-voltage diesel generator set

Economic Comparison of High-Voltage Generator Set And Low-Voltage Generator Set:

If only the cost of the unit itself is considered, then the cost of the high-voltage generator set is about 10% higher than that of the low-voltage generator set. If one considers that there are fewer distribution cables for high-voltage generator sets, fewer switching points with the mains, and therefore saving civil construction costs, the overall cost of high-voltage generator sets is lower than that of low-voltage generator sets. Table 2 takes a 1800kW unit as an example to make a rough comparison of the economics of high and low pressure units.

The Main Technical Differences Between High-Voltage Generator Sets And low-Voltage Generator Sets:

A generator set is generally composed of an engine, a generator, a unit integrated control system, an oil circuit system, and a power distribution system. The power part of the generator set in the communication system-diesel engine or gas turbine engine is basically the same for the high-pressure unit and the low-pressure unit; the configuration of the oil circuit system and the fuel quantity are mainly related to power, so there is no significant difference between the high and low-pressure units, so There is no difference in the requirements of the air intake and exhaust system of the unit that provides cooling for the unit. The differences in parameters and performance between high-voltage generator sets and low-voltage generator sets are mainly reflected in the generator part and the power distribution system part.

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