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KENTPOWER makes communication more secure. Diesel generator sets are mainly used for power consumption in stations in the communications industry. Provincial-level stations are about 800KW, and municipal-level stations are 300-400KW. Generally, the use time is short. Choose according to the spare capacity. Below 120KW at the city and county level, it is generally used as a long-line unit. In addition to the functions of self-starting, self-switching, self-running, self-input and self-shutdown, such applications are equipped with various fault alarms and automatic protection devices.


The generator set with excellent and stable performance adopts a low-noise design and is equipped with a control system with AMF function. By connecting with the ATS, it is ensured that once the main power supply of the communication station is cut off, the alternative power system must be able to provide power immediately.


• A full set of products and solutions are provided to reduce the user's requirements for technology mastery, and make the use and maintenance of the unit easier and easier;

• The control system has AMF function, can be automatically started, and has multiple automatic shutdown and alarm functions under monitoring;

• Optional ATS, small unit can choose unit built-in ATS;

• Ultra-low noise power generation, the noise level of units below 30KVA is 7 meters below 60dB(A);

• Stable performance, the average time between failures of the unit is not less than 2000 hours;

• The unit is small in size, and some devices can be selected to meet the operating requirements in cold and high temperature areas;

• Customized design and development can be made for the special needs of some customers.

Post time: Sep-09-2020
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