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What Are The Principles for The Arrangement of Generator Sets in The Machine Room?

At present, we generally use diesel generator sets as emergency power sources, with large capacity, long continuous power supply time, independent operation, and high reliability without the influence of grid failure. The design of the computer room directly affects whether the unit can operate normally and stably for a long time, whether it can meet the noise requirements of the surrounding environment, and whether it can easily check and repair the generator set. Therefore, designing a reasonable computer room is necessary for both the owner and the unit. So, are there any requirements for installing an engine block in the engine room? Kent Electromechanical takes you to understand the layout principles of the engine block in the engine room:


Ensure smooth air intake and exhaust in the machine room

Ensure that the noise and smoke generated during the operation of the unit pollute the surrounding environment as little as possible

There should be enough space around the diesel generator set to facilitate the cooling, operation and maintenance of the set. Generally speaking, at least 1-1.5 meters around, no other objects within 1.5-2 meters from the upper part

Trenches should be set up in the machine room to lay cables, water and oil pipelines, etc.

Ensure that the unit is protected from rain, sun, wind, overheating, frost damage, etc.

Do not store flammable and explosive materials around the unit

Prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering the computer room


The above are some of the principles for the arrangement of generator sets in the machine room. Even the most basic machine room must have the following conditions: concrete floor, inlet shutters, exhaust shutters, smoke outlets, smoke exhaust mufflers, smoke exhaust elbows, vibration-proof and expansion exhaust nozzles, hanging springs, etc.

Post time: Mar-16-2021