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What Are The Common Configurations of Silent Diesel Gensets?

Diesel generators are used as auxiliary diesel generators. Diesel generators are used in many environments: they are also used in commercial environments such as farms, construction sites, mining areas, or Internet cafes, hotels, restaurants, and so on. Different equipped machines have different functions when deploying diesel units. Introduce 4 kinds of common diesel generator equipment:

Genset Type

1. Silent box equipment: When the diesel engine is working, it will produce a lot of noise, usually noise (LP7m): 95dB(A). The silent box is equipped with an optional shell to close the unit, and a sound-proof material is adhered to the inner wall of the shell, leaving air inlet and exhaust vents for the unit to inhale air and dissipate heat, which has the effect of significantly reducing noise. In addition to reducing noise, it can also be used as rain and dust protection, and the unit can be used outdoors. It is especially suitable for users who have noise requirements for the use of generator sets and machines.


2. Mobile trailer equipment: It is a mobile power supply equipment specially designed for the frequently required mobile generator position and the common power supply of field construction units. It has the advantages of convenient mobile operation, noise-reducing multi-channel air intake and exhaust, and air intake and exhaust channels to ensure the power of the unit.


3. Fully automatic control cabinet/ATS automatic control cabinet: Automatically control the initiation, stop, and control of the diesel generator set with dual power supply-automatic power generation transfer switch (ATS). It has automatic/manual working mode, and can be equipped with manual start-stop equipment. Various warning protection functions: high water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed, overclocking, overload, undervoltage, failure of initiation, failure of charging, failure of conversion and other warning protections.


4. Rainproof awning equipment: it is mainly used to place the unit outdoors, which has the function of preventing rain and dust.


Different diesel generators are equipped with deployment machines to play different roles. The above are several equipment recommended by KENTPOWER, and customers can choose to customize according to actual application needs.

Post time: Dec-03-2021
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