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How to Choose the Charging Pile for Your Electric Car?

Nowadays, more and more people choose new energy vehicles, and charging piles, as one of the necessary infrastructures for electric vehicles, are also rapidly expanding in the market. Today we will talk about the relevant knowledge of charging piles.

kentpower charging pile

Usually, fast charging piles are all DC charging piles (but not all DC charging piles are fast charging piles). For ordinary pure electric passenger vehicles, it generally takes 3-8 times for the slow charging piles to be fully charged. hours, while fast charging only takes tens of minutes.

1. Type of charging pile

- Self-use charging piles are private charging piles, which are generally installed in their own garages or downstairs in the community, and are not used externally;

-Public charging piles are similar to gas stations, which are generally established by relevant institutions and are charging charging modes for major electric vehicle owners.


2. Charging pile model

-The vertical charging pile is similar to the fuel tank of the gas station, which is mainly suitable for outdoor service areas, urban areas, etc.;

-The wall-mounted charging pile needs to be built on the wall, which is suitable for personal installation in the community or garage.


3. Different charging ports

- One-to-one, that is, one charging pile to charge one vehicle;

- Multi-charging charging pile, which supports charging of multiple vehicles simultaneously.


4. Charging Type

- Most of the AC charging piles are households, with low current, small piles, and slightly longer charging time, suitable for self-use electric vehicles, mostly used in garages, residential areas, etc.;

-DC charging piles generally have high current, large piles and fast charging speed, and are suitable for electric buses, electric taxis, construction vehicles, etc.

The importance of charging piles to new energy vehicles is self-evident. In the future, charging piles will continue to increase with the growth of new energy vehicle sales. KENTPOWER will also be committed to provide the public with intelligent and fast charging pile services to meet the needs of many new energy vehicle owners for charging piles.

Post time: Aug-16-2022
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