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High-rise Standby Generators: How to Choose The Right Generator Set for Real Estate?

Before embarking on the purchase of a diesel generator, it is very important to understand the purpose of the generator. Sometimes, only the standby state may require a genset. However, if power outages occur frequently and/or for a long period of time, it may be worthwhile to make additional investments in the original rated or continuous rated generators to ensure uninterrupted supply of backup power for a long time. If you try to run the backup generator for more than the specified number of hours for a long time, it is likely to cause more frequent failures and equipment failures.

10.KENTPOWER Genset for Real Estate Project

The development of real estate is not only a house built of steel and concrete, but also a dream life in people's hearts. The continuous supply of electricity and city power in exquisite residential quarters is indispensable. Therefore, in order to purchase real estate generator sets, in addition to choosing a formal direct sales manufacturer of diesel generator sets to ensure the quality and after-sales service of the power generators, the mechanical and electrical performance of the electric generator, the purpose of the generator sets, the load capacity and range of changes, and automation functions must also be considered.


   1. The purpose of the unit. Because diesel generator sets can be used in three situations: common use, standby and emergency. Therefore, different applications have different requirements for diesel generator sets.

  2, load capacity. The load capacity and load variation range should be selected according to different uses, and the single-unit capacity of the industrial generator set and the capacity of the standby power diesel generator set should be determined.

  3. The environmental conditions of the unit (mainly refer to the altitude and climatic conditions)

  4. The choice of synchronizing generator set, the choice of standby generator and excitation mode, the choice of automatic function of diesel generator.

Post time: May-17-2021
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