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Each Unit Must Undergo Rigorous Testing Before Being Delivered to Customers.

Kent series Cummins generator sets have many power sections, which are reliable and durable, have low emissions, and are highly adaptable. At the same time, they are particularly effective in reducing vibration and noise. Generator sets are not only well done for high-power units, but also for small power units.

12. Kentpower Container Diesel Genset with Top Quality


Then, when installing a diesel generator set, you should pay attention to the following items:


1. The installation site should be well ventilated, the generator end should have enough air inlets, and the diesel engine end should have good air outlets. The area of the air outlet should be more than 1.5 times larger than the area of the water tank.

2. The area around the installation site should be kept clean and avoid placing objects that can produce acidic, alkaline and other corrosive gases and vapors nearby.

3. If it is used indoors, the exhaust pipe must be connected to the outdoors. The pipe diameter must be ≥ the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the muffler. The pipe elbows should not exceed 3 to ensure smooth exhaust. Tilt the pipe downward by 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upward, a rain cover must be installed.

4. When the foundation is made of concrete, use a level to measure its level during installation, so that the unit is fixed on a level foundation. There should be special anti-vibration pads or foot bolts between the unit and the foundation.

5. The casing of the unit must have a reliable protective grounding. For generators that need to be directly grounded with a neutral point, the neutral point must be grounded by professionals and equipped with lightning protection devices. It is strictly forbidden to use the grounding device of the city power for neutralization. The point is directly grounded.

6. The two-way switch between the generator and the mains must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission.

7. The wiring of the starting battery must be firm.

Post time: Jun-03-2021
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