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Report about Kentpower new project

Dear Sir,
Hope everything goes well at your end! Long time no hear from you. I’m Rolly fromKENTPOWER. We are pleasure to inform our partner thatKENTPOWER have became of genset sole supplier for M-C Donald shop in Manila, Philippiness. (the picture showingKENTPOWER generator in front of M-C Donald) KENTPOWER had suppliedmore than 100*220kVA soundproof diesel generator to McDonald in the city of Manila. Now nearly80% of them had used our generator and there will be more MINGPOWES Genset will be installed in M-C DONALAD in the following time because our dealer have already signed the sole supply agreement with M-C Donald for all under-construction shop. Due to theBecause of geographical and climatic reasons, leading to severe power shortage in the country, as a 24-hour operating restaurant, no doubt to choose a stable standby power, to chooseKENTPOWER genset will be your best choice. KENTPOWER manufacture good quality soundproof diesel generator at competitive price. We had a complete production line for canopy manufacturing. With CNC machine, painting machine, cutting machine,KENTPOWER manufactures soundproof generator with good quality, which can be widely used in residential, hospital, commercial store. Thank you and best regards.

Post time: Aug-24-2021