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Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Industrial Diesel Generator

Mitsubishi diesel generator sets can work lastingly under severe environmental conditions, and are recognized by the industry for their durability and reliability. They are compact in structure, low in fuel consumption, and have a long overhaul period. Products comply with ISO8528, IEC international standards and J.I.S Japanese industrial standards.

40.Kentpower Open Type Heavy Duty Industrial Diesel Generating Set

Mitsubishi series diesel generator sets, with a power range of 500KW-1600KW, are powered by the power station diesel engine of the internationally renowned Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., and are equipped with domestic and foreign well-known brand generators and controllers. It makes the work reliable, durable and economical; the unit can realize the display of diesel engine water temperature, oil pressure, speed, battery voltage and working hours; the display of generator current, voltage, frequency, power and power factor; Alarm of speed, current and voltage; manual and automatic operation; RS485 interface output to realize remote monitoring; meet ISO8528 and GB2820 standard requirements. The product has reliable performance and excellent quality, which can meet the needs of middle and high-end users at home and abroad.

Post time: Aug-02-2022
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