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KT Intelligent Cloud Service System

Short Description:

KT intelligent cloud service is achieved by installing the cloud cat hardware on the controllers with 485 interface. Or you could use our own brand controller which comes with cloud cat itself.

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Advantage of Clound Serivice:

1. Through the system, you can effectively analyze and judge the cause of the failure of the unit remotely.

2. For some minor problems, you do not need to go to the site for repairs, which will save your repair costs andwhich will create great benefits for your after-sales service.

3. Once the customer gets used to it, it will bring you an increase in sales.Remote monitoring the genset can greatly improve service efficiency and increase market profits.
The operation process is roughly as follows:

1. Customers can buy a mobile phone card  and insert into the clound cat.

2. We give them a KENT CLOUD APP, account number, password, and give them the authority to manage and control this genset.

3. They only need to download a KENTPOWER APP on their android mobile phones to use it. (Of course, if it is not used temporarily, it will not affect the normal operation of the genset.)

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