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Little Antifreeze – Small Details That Cannot Be Ignored in Winter

Diesel generator sets are generally used as emergency/backup power supplies after mains failure and power failure. Therefore, in most cases, the generator sets are in a standby state. In the event of a power outage, the generator set must be able to "get it up and supply it", otherwise it will lose the meaning of backup power.

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Coolant is an important part of the accessories (consumables) required for maintenance of the generator set. The temperature of diesel generator set will rise sharply due to the influence of its own fuel combustion during operation. The high temperature environment not only affects the working efficiency of the set, but also causes component failures and damages the generator set. In the end, what are the effects of coolant on the operation of diesel generator sets? Kent generator set summarizes the following points:


First, the antifreeze effect. Generally speaking, the antifreeze temperature of commonly used coolant is between 20~45below the freezing point, and users can make a reasonable choice according to different regions and environments.

Second, the anti-boiling effect. The commonly used coolant has a boiling point of 104~108°C. When the coolant is added to the cooling system and pressure is generated, its boiling point will be higher.

Third, the antiseptic effect. The special coolant can reduce the corrosion of the cooling system, thereby avoiding the corrosion of the cooling system and causing water leakage and other problems.

Fourth, the effect of rust prevention. High-quality coolant can avoid rust in the cooling system of the generator set.

Fifth, anti-scaling effect. Since the coolant used is deionized water, it can effectively avoid scaling and precipitation, and achieve the purpose of protecting the engine.


Understand this, Kent generator set would like to remind here that if the coolant is not replaced for a long time, its use effect will be reduced. Usually, we need to replace the coolant once every one and a half years, more than two years.

Post time: Apr-21-2021
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