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How to Judge And Troubleshoot Malfunctions of Diesel Engine

  Diesel generator sets are inseparable from our daily life as power supply equipments. They can be used as the main power source or a backup power source. However, the diesel engine has one or another failure during the use process, the phenomenon is various, and the cause of the failure is also very complicated. Therefore, when judging faults, engineers not only need to be familiar with the structural principle, operation, and debugging of diesel engines, but also to master the general principles and methods for finding and judging faults.

Abnormal phenomena after diesel engine failure:

The diesel engine fails, and the following abnormal phenomena usually occur:

1. The sound is abnormal during operation. Such as abnormal percussion, firing, bragging, exhaust sound, periodic friction sound, etc.

2. The operation is abnormal. For example, the diesel engine is difficult to start, violent vibration, insufficient power, unstable speed, etc. during operation.

3. The appearance is abnormal. For example, the exhaust pipe of the diesel engine emits black smoke, blue smoke, and white smoke, and oil leaks, water leaks, and air leaks occur in various systems.

4. The temperature is abnormal. Engine oil and cooling water temperature is too high, exhaust temperature is too high, bearings are overheated, etc.

5. The pressure is abnormal. Engine oil, cooling water and fuel pressure are too low, compression pressure drops, etc.

6. The smell is abnormal. When the diesel engine is running, it emits odor, burnt smell and smoke smell.

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Principles of Diesel Engine Fault Judgment and Elimination

   The general principles for judging diesel engine failures are: combining structure, connection principle, clarifying the phenomenon, combining reality, from simple to complex, from the table to the inside, section by system, and find the cause. Mastering these methods and principles is of great significance for repairing diesel engines!

Post time: Mar-09-2021
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