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A visit to Kent factory by a German customer!

(FUJIAN KENT MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL CO., LTD’s  factory, December 20, 2023)An important German customer recently visited the factory of KENTPOWER, visited our engine project, and was treated with unforgettable hospitality. During the visit, the leaders of KENTPOWER sincerely invited Tthe customer to taste authentic China seafood hot pot, which made a great contribution to the industrial cooperation between Germany and China.


       Customer from Germany was warmly received by Kent Mechanical and Electrical Company. The team of engineers introduced the latest technical achievements and manufacturing technology of the factory to the customer. German customer spoke highly of the strength of the factory and expressed confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides.


      After the visit, the leaders of KENTPOWER carefully prepared a grand seafood hot pot banquet. The table is filled with fresh seafood and served with delicious hot pot soup base, which brings a unique feast of taste buds to the  customer. German customer enjoyed the unique food culture of China while tasting delicious food.


      This unforgettable visit not only made German customer feel the exquisite craftsmanship made in China, but also let him personally experience the charm of oriental culture. It is believed that this visit will lay a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two sides and add a new color to the German-Chinese friendship.


Post time: Dec-22-2023
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