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KT-KUBOTA Series Diesel Generator

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KUBOTA Group was founded in 1890 and has a history of more than 120 years. Kubota Group is the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Japan. For a long time, it has been continuously developing advanced technologies and products in line with the requirements of The Times in the fields of "water", "earth" and "environment", which are closely related to human life and culture, and has made due contributions to the rich and beautiful life of human beings.

Kubota group operates in Asia, America, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world, with a total of 150 subsidiaries and 20 affiliates. It is one of the world's leading companies in agricultural machinery, small construction machinery, small diesel engines, cast iron pipes, etc.

Kubota group regards China as an important production and research and development base in the world, devotes itself to the construction of social infrastructure and the creation of a comfortable living environment, and makes contributions to China's social and economic development and environmental protection. Kubota (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will carry this important mission, based on the purpose of "For Earth, For Life" of Kubotian Group, and strive to create better living conditions For people while protecting the Earth's environment.

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    KW/KVA KW/KVA MODEL Stanford Leroy Somer Kentpower Silent Type Open Type
    KT2-K8 5/6.3 6/7.5 D905 PI 044D TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-K9 6.7/8.4 7.4/9.2 D1105 PI 044E TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-K12 9/11.3 10/12.4 V1505 PI 044F TAL-A40-C KT164B 1850x850x1050 1400x750x1000
    KT2-K14 10.4/13.0 11.4/14.3 D1703 PI 044G TAL-A40-C KT164C 1850x850x1050 1400x750x1000
    KT2-K21 15/18 16.5/20.6 V2203 PI 144D TAL-A40-F KT184E 2000x890x1050 1550x800x1000
    KT2-K23 17/21.3 19/23 V2003-T PI 144E TAL-A40-G KT184F 2000x890x1050 1550x800x1000
    KT2-K30 22/27.5 24/30 V3300 PI 144G TAL-A42-C KT184F 2150x930x1150 1600x800x1080
    KT2-K38 27.8/34.8 30.5/38 V3300-T PI 144H TAL-A42-E KT184H 2150x930x1150 1650x800x1080
    KW/KVA KW/KVA MODEL Stanford Leroy Somer Kentpower Silent Type Open Type
    KT2-K8 6/7.5 6.6/8.3 D905 PI 044D TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-K11 8/10.0 8.8/11.0 D1105 PI 044E TAL-A40-C KT164A 1700x850x1050 1250x750x1000
    KT2-K15  10.8/13.5 12/15.0 V1505 PI 044F TAL-A40-C KT164C 1850x850x1050 1400x750x1000
    KT2-K17 12/15.0 13/16.5 D1703 PI 044F TAL-A40-D KT164C 1850x850x1050 1400x750x1000
    KT2-K23 17/21.2 19/23 V2203 PI 144D TAL-A40-F KT164D 2000x890x1050 1550x800x1000
    KT2-K28 20.6/25.7 23/28 V2003-T PI 144E TAL-A40-G KT184E 2000x890x1050 1550x800x1000
    KT2-K38 27.5/34.4 30/38 V3300 PI 144G TAL-A42-E KT184G 2150x930x1150 1600x800x1080
    KT2-K47 34/42.5 37/47 V3300-T PI 144J TAL-A42-F KT184H 2150x930x1150 1650x800x1080
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